Typical products

In addition to delicious red cherries and high-quality wine, Brda offers even more.

Because of its excellent quality, Brda fruits are known all over the world. Brda fruits ripen in the sun and are thus very fragrant and delicious. Housewives skilfully use these marvellous fruit flavours, scents and colours in cooking. During the time when the nature rests, they store them in various ways. That is also when they will offer us something sweet, such as fruit slices or homemade marmalade and jam.

In the first winter days, when the nature prepares to rest, they boil the fruit, pressed grapes and medicinal herbs in a cauldron still. Aromatic and especially healing spirits are produced in such a way. A sip of a homemade spirit warms you up and gives you energy.

Olive oil and honey also have beneficial effect on health.

Treat yourself with a basket of natural “Brda health” products.


Dried fruits

Marmalades and jams



Olive oil