In late autumn days, when the landscape is wrapped in cooler colours, numerous locals still light up the distiller’s pot.

Spirit distilling was very popular in the past. Beside the additional income for families, spirits were very useful for treating various diseases. Numerous medicines were prepared from them. Methana spirits (made with medicinal plants) have always been appreciated. The term “methane” probably derives from the Italian stem of the word medicine.  According to the oral tradition and the unwritten rule, thirty-three varieties of medicinal herbs had to be soaked for at least a month. Spritist prepared in this way really had a healing effect and are still being prepared nowadays.

Orehovec” was also very popular.  Soft, green walnuts were cut and put into the spirit and exposed to the sun for a month. After that the walnuts were removed and the liquid was sieved through a thick cloth or gauze. Sugar, cinnamon and cloves were added and then the liquid was sieved into bottle. Orehovec, according to this old, traditional recipe, is still being prepared today.