Guided Tours of Šmartno





Šmarto, the village has been greatly changed over the years, yet it has preserved its traditional image. Let the medieval fortified village with five towers become a time machine that will take you on a historical journey through stormy periods of war and peace between neighboring nations.

Are you wondering why the church looks like a fortress?
Who were the colonists and how did they live?
What is žbatafur and gank?





Guided tours of Šmartno with the tour guide Irena Marc


WHEN: Every Thursday at 11 A.M. and every Sunday at 9 P.M. 


€20 (1-3 people)
€5/person (4-15 people)
€90 (16 or more people)

Tourist information center Brda, Šmartno 13

1 hour



Phone: 00386 41 295 170


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