Savour the Wine Bliss and Wine Bliss Motnik

The exclusive Wine Bliss Motnik experience is for those who love discovering the secrets of nature and living a quality life. Experience Wine Bliss Motnik invites you to transform into a hearing explorer, who discovers the wisdom of old customs at the castle, in the vineyard and in the wine cellar.


The exclusive boutique experience Wine Bliss with the Motnik wine is special because while visiting the green Brda you get to discover its past and a piece of the cultural herritage of Old Faith. Following the Intiniti concept, which incorporates science, art and nature in its experiences, you discover through the practice of mindfulness how people lived in the past, what they did in the vineyard and how it feels like being next to the vine today. Additionally, we offer you a winefulness wine tasting of the very special Motnik wine, made after the tradition of Staroverci, the Old Believers.

The Intiniti Wine Bliss with the Motnik wine experience passes you rich knowledge about the practice of mindfulness, which is based on a person’s ability to be present in the moment here and now. In combination with other meticulously chosen elements, the experience has effects on personal growth and multiple bases of human intelligence. It raises awareness and encourages restoring balance which leads to a better journey through Brda and a daily life.

Wine Bliss with the Motnik wine invites you to become a mindful discoverer who uncovers the wisdoms of the old traditions next to the castle, in the vineyard and in the wine cellar. In the courtyard of Dobrovo Castle, you are acquainted with the life of a farmer in the past and with the basic concepts. You connect with the past by touch first when you take the baskets, filled with goodies. You bring them to the vineyard of the Klet Brda Winery, where you get to know 31 different varieties of the wine’s creators, get lost while experiencing nature and find ways to connect with yourself. With music playing in the background, you start a mindful tasting of a typical dish from Brda, other goods from local providers and seasonal fruit. The story about the vine always ends with wine and celebration. That is how the experience slowly comes to an end for you too, as you head to the wine cellar located next to Dobrovo Castle. The ritual Motnik wine is also a part of the Brda’s past. It is not special just because it is made in a unique way, but also because it was once used only for particular rituals, for celebrations and special gatherings. The relaxing music and the literature about Motnik, prepared by Pavel Medvešček, slowly drive you to taste the wine’s fullness. Motnik spins from the bottle to your glass and fills it with its essence. You observe it. You taste it. Can you feel its fullness in your body?

By returning to our roots in the moment here and now we connect to ourselves in a more powerful way than usual. Among other effects, we:

  • activate our natural potential,
  • raise our vital energy
  • and consciously surrender to the beauty of life.

Event location: Dobrovo Castle, Klet Brda Winery, de Baguer’s wine cellar, Brda

*In case of bad weather or wet ground in the vineyard, the experience takes place in the wine cellar, in the tasting room or in a different appropriate place.

Meeting point: the Dobrovo Castle, courtyard, Brda

Duration: up to 3 hours

Day and time: Tuesday and Friday from 15:15 to 18:15, any other day by prior arrangement

Number of participants: 2 to 10


89 € per person (open group 2 to 3)

69  € per person (open group 4 to 10)


    • an expert guides you through the experience and the practice of mindfulness
    • tour through the Klet Brda Winery vineyard
    • tasting of the typical dish from Brda in the vineyard, prepared by the Dobrovo Castle restaurant Vitez
    • seasonal local fruit (1 kg per person) and a surprise package of other goods from local providers
    • an expert guides you through the winefulness experience with the Motnik wine in the wine cellar next to Dobrovo Castle
    • fresh drinking water




The exclusive Wine Bliss experience is integrated with the Intiniti concept and winefulness, a way of tasting wine already known in the world, which combines wine and mindfulness. What’s more, you’re guided through the experience by elements and techniques that have an effect on personal growth, quality of life and interpersonal relations.
Wine Bliss invites you to live the story about vine and wine by practising mindfulness in nature and in the wine cellar in the company of soft music. Visit the vineyard and peacefully observe the nature, regardless the time of the year. While you step on the grass, you may reach a vine, a leaf, or fragranced grapes, observe the roots that give life to the vine. While you discover its structure, you listen to the background noises. Can you hear birds singing in the distance? Maybe a breeze smelling like freshly cut grass gently caresses your face? You slowly bring your attention to the vine and the end of its cycle – the wine. You take a walk to the wine cellar, where you meet this treasure from up close. The celebration begins in the company of soft music. You observe how the wine freely twirls into the glass from the opened bottle. What colour is it? How does it smell? What about its essence?
In the moment of here and now, you get to know the wine-growing culture while spending quality time on a tourist destination. You get to rest, restore balance within your body and lift your vital energy by doing simple meticulously chosen exercises from psychoeducation and practising mindfulness. You can always use this knowledge in the future, when you decide to. Like when you open a bottle of high quality wine.

Event location: Brda, Collio (Italy), Vipava Valley or another winemaker’s location

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes or negotiable

Number of participants: 2 to 16 or negotiable

Price: adapted to the number of participants, contents and length of the programme (from 150 € for a group and from 90 € for a couple)


  • an expert guides you through the experience and the practice of mindfulness
  • visit of the winemaker’s vineyard, wine cellar
  • an expert guides you through the winefulness experience with the chosen wine
  • fresh drinking water
  • other elements based on the chosen destination

We also offer a private personalized programme for individuals, couples, closed groups and companies.




Both experiences are guided by Urška Merljak, founder of the Intiniti concept, a local from Brda, specializing in Integrative Psychotherapy, Bachelor of Laws, mediator and dance discoverer, president of the Association for a quality lifestyle Krlina – promotion of the human natural potential and the practise of mindfulness.

Available in: English, Italian, Russian, Slovene. We also offer you the possibility of simultaneous translation to Spanish and French.



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