Open homesteads

Whether you're looking for peace or quiet, an escape from the stresses of everyday life, a desire to relax or to enjoy nature, it's easy to visit Open Homesteads: choose a date and the app will show you which wineries and homesteads or restaurants are open on the day you want to visit Brda.


July August 2024
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About Open homesteads

Experience rural life in Brda with a visit to the Open Homesteads. You will meet the local people who shape this extraordinary terraced land beyond the emerald Soča, steeped in viticulture, fruit-growing, olive-growing and other crafts, and whose dedication to and harmony with the land of Brda give birth to products that have won high accolades around the world.

Experience wine, honey, olive tastings and other local seasonal delicacies! You will taste the temperament of this region, where Slavic, Romance and Germanic influences intertwine in a common poetry of tastes and experiences.