Pehlivanian Professional Opera Academy

07.08.2024 at 20:00

Vila Vipolže, August 7th at 8 PM

One of the most renowned opera academies in the world, the Pehlivanian Professional Opera Academy, is coming to Villa Vipolže.

Established under the leadership of Maestro George Pehlivanian, the Pehlivanian Professional Opera Academy stands as a cornerstone in the global opera landscape. PPOA provides comprehensive training for conductors and vocalists from around the world, focusing on enhancing their skills.

Every summer, the academy stages an opera production across various cities in Slovenia, enriching the cultural landscape and making high-quality opera experiences accessible.

A unique opera performance that combines the performances of various conductors and singers, allowing the audience to perceive and enjoy the subtle differences between individual artists and observe their mutual communication and interaction with the audience. Additionally, PPOA's distinctive approach involves multiple singers interpreting the same main or supporting roles, enriching the opera experience, and providing a deeper insight into each performer's artistic expression.

In Villa Vipolže they will present the opera "La Bohème", one of the most famous and popular works by the Italian composer Giacomo Puccini.

This emotional and moving opera was first performed in Turin in 1896 and has since been considered one of the most important works in the operatic repertoire.

"La Bohème takes us to 19th century Paris, where we follow the lives of young artists, their love, friendship and dreams, and confront the emotions that overwhelm us. The story focuses on four young artists: the poet Rodolphe, the painter Marcel, the philosopher Colline and the musician Schaunard. They live together in a modest apartment, struggling financially, but still trying to enjoy life.

The story also focuses on Rodolfo's love for Mimi, an orphan suffering from tuberculosis. Their love is passionate and touching, but threatened by Mimi's health problems.

This opera about human relationships, dreams and loss continues to captivate audiences around the world, remains one of the highlights of Italian opera and reminds us of the power of music to express human emotions and experiences.


  • Rodolfo, poet - tenor
  • Mimì, seamstress and knitter - soprano
  • Marcello, painter - baritone
  • Musetta, singer - soprano
  • Schaunard, musician - baritone
  • Colline, philosopher - bass
  • Benoît, landlord - bass
  • Alcindoro, civil servant - bass
  • Parpignol, toy seller - tenor 

Orchestra: POA Festival Orchestra


  • Aleksander Gutić
  • Alex YauBen Lerman
  • Jakub Montewka
  • Leslie Dunner
  • Tilen Draksler
  • Carolina Cerezo Dávila
  • Alfonso di RosaJeppe Estrup
  • Alessio Mastrodonato 


  • Rodolfo, poet: Ermin Ašćerić
  • Ron Silberstein
  • Benjamin Pregl
  • Yu Chan Pan
  • Fabio Cruz 

Mimi, seamstress and knitter:

  • Lucia Palladino
  • Andrea Rodriguez-Gomez
  • Xiangning Ouyang
  • Rosy Anoush Svazlian
  • Rebeka Pregelj 

Marcello, painter: Milan Obradović

Musetta, singer:

  • Talita Sofija Komelj
  • Gaja Napast
  • Olivia Haramis

Schaunard, musician: Lovro Korošec

Collin, philosopher: Strahinja Djokić

Benoit, landlord: Ferdinand Muradyan

Alcindoro, civil servant: Ferdinand Muradyan

Parpignol, toy seller:

  • Ermin Ašćerić
  • Ron Silberstein

Price 25€
Tickets can be purchased at all Eventim  sale spots, Tic Brda and Vila Vipolže.
Tickets on sale from July 5th.

More information

Vila Vipolže
Vipolže 29, 5212 Dobrovo
T: +386 8 20 554 20

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