Medieval village Šmartno

Šmartno is one of the most beautiful villages in the centre of Brda. Built on Roman foundations, it is today considered an architectural jewel and a cultural monument. Behind its walls, it will take you back to the rich and picturesque stories of the past and reveal the charms of the Brda homeliness.

The village of Šmartno is located in the geographical centre of Brda, with views from Nanos in the east to the Carnic Alps in the north-west and from the vast Friuli to the Adriatic Sea. The village, surrounded by walls and fortified with defensive towers, was first mentioned in 1317.

In the first half of the 16th century, a large anti-Turkish camp - a medieval fortress - was built on the remains of a Roman outpost around the church, which served in the Venetian-Habsburg wars. The village functioned as a frontier fortress until the mid-18th century, when the Venetian threat had passed.
The houses in the centre are clustered around the church of St. St Martin, the largest parish church in Brda, after which the village was named. The church bell tower was originally a fortress tower. The bell with the motif of the Holy Three Kings dates from 1857. The Baroque church has three marble altars, with a particularly rich main altar. Presbytery and Stations of the Cross were painted by the painter Tone Kralj.

The romantic spirit of medieval times can be felt from a simple stroll through the streets of Šmartno. The various living museum collections in the houses also bear witness to the past and to the roots of the Brda people. One of these is the Brda House and the adjoining Brda Cellar, which, with its ethnological collection in the museum, represents the folk and residential culture of Brda. Art has its place in the House of Culture, a gallery where many local and foreign artists exhibit their works.

The village is the venue of the Brda gastronomy festivals (Brda and Wine, St Martin's Day), and its streets, in addition to the culinary offer (Bar Pr Naad, Hiša Marica, Olive Bar, Turn), are also characterised by the picturesque natural cosmetics shop Nona Luisa and Vinoteka with many Brda and local wine labels.

There is also a Tourist Information Centre, where tourists can find out more about the offer and activities at the destination. Inside the centre, there is also a shop selling souvenirs and local products named Briška Butiehca.