On the 321-metre-high Mejnik, a hill above the village of Gonjače, there is a monument dedicated to the victims of the Second World War and a lookout tower, which offers the opportunity to take one of the most beautiful photographs of Goriška Brda.

The monument in Gonjače is dedicated to the 315 victims of the Second World War on the right bank of the Soča River. It is located on Mejnik, a hill above the village of Gonjače. It is the work of the academic painter and sculptor Janez Boljka. The verses engraved on the bronze plaque were written by the writer France Bevk.

"To the sons of Brda and Veneto, guardians faithful to our language, ..."

Next to the monumentto the victims is a 23-metre-high lookout tower with 144 steps, built in 1961. In nice weather, the tower offers a panoramic view of various parts of the region: Brda, Julian and Carnic Alps, Dolomites, Friuli Venetia Giulia, Gulf of Trieste, Karst, Vipava Valley and Trnovski gozd forest. Architect Marko Šlajmer designed the plan for the tower.