Krčnik is a natural attraction, one of the most beautiful of its kind in Slovenia, which is protected as a cultural monument and will enchant you in all seasons. This natural attraction features picturesque gorge with a natural bridge, carved out of the limestone below the village of Kožbana by the Kožbanjšek brook.

The 40-metre-long gorge starts with a huge sinkhole, a 6-metre-deep spherical basin in the stream bed, where the water carries stones and sand. The water current rotates them, constantly carving the gorge. Around the middle of the basin, a beautifully rounded and smooth natural bridge, created by the resinous water from the grinding process, breaks up. The Krčnik Natural Bridge is one of the most beautiful natural bridges in Slovenia.

The nearby Kotline are three successive gorges, which were also formed by the Kožbanjček brook into a rock wall about 10 metres high. With their troughs, rapids, waterfalls and pools, the Kotline have for many years been a popular refuge and social centre for the youth of Brda during the hot summer days. More and more tourists have recently been seeking refreshment there.

How to access the starting point

In the village of Neblo, turn towards Golo Brdo, and at the crossroads at the end of the village of Hruševlje (near Peternel), turn into the valley of the Kožbanjšček brook. The road leading to Kožbana leads to Kotlin and the higher Krčnik, which can be reached by car or bicycle. But it's much better to take your time and explore the valley on foot.


Parish Church of St. George, Kožbana