Schedules of Degustations and Restaurants (JULY and AUGUST)


Known for its hight quality wines, succulent fruit, abundant produce and excellent cuisine, Brda wine tours and culinary experiences are a key part of summer in the region. Visit local winemakers, taste the best wines, experience olive tastings and liqueurs and learn about traditional production techniques.

Many wineries offer guided tours of their vineyards and cellars. In addition, indulge in the flavours of local cuisine, where chefs prepare dishes using fresh, local ingredients. Take part in culinary workshops or gastronomic tours and taste the variety of Brda cuisine in different restaurants.

Choose a date from the link and the app will show you which wineries and farmhouses or caterers you can visit on the day you want in Goriška Brda. LIST OF OPEN HOMESTEADS (tasting and restaurant schedules for July and August). If you prefer, you can download the timetables from the attached attachment: LIST OF OPEN HOMESTEADS IN .PDF (July and August) 

For more info:

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T: + 386 5 3959595