Experience summer in Brda in your own way


Summer in Brda is the time when this picturesque landscape in western Slovenia comes alive in all its glory. With rolling vineyards, medieval villages and breathtaking views, Brda attracts lovers of nature, wine, cuisine and culture.

Wine tours, wine tastings, culinary experiences, hiking, cycling and numerous cultural events and festivals enrich the summer experience. The hospitable locals open the doors of their wineries and restaurants, and nature offers relaxation. Summer in Brda is an unforgettable experience that combines rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

1. Accommodation for every taste

Brda offers a wide range of accommodation options, from luxurious estates to charming tourist farms and family-run boutique farmhouses. Each of these accommodations offers a unique experience combining comfort, authenticity and natural beauty. 

Choose from luxury accommodation, authentic tourist farms, elegant villas, private rooms and apartments and small hotels. 
Whatever type of accommodation you choose, it is the authenticity of the locals that makes a stay in Brda truly special. The locals are proud of their heritage and are happy to share their passion for this unique landscape with visitors. Their hospitality, warmth and cordiality are reflected in every aspect of your stay, from a warm welcome to personal recommendations, ensuring that your stay in Brda will be unforgettable.

Whether you're looking for luxury or an authentic countryside experience, you're sure to find the perfect spot for your next break in Brda.


2. Taste the delicacies of Brda at Open Homesteads

Known for its hight quality wines, succulent fruit, abundant produce and excellent cuisine, Brda wine tours and culinary experiences are a key part of summer in the region. Visit local winemakers, taste the best wines, experience olive tastings and liqueurs and learn about traditional production techniques.

Many wineries offer guided tours of their vineyards and cellars. In addition, indulge in the flavours of local cuisine, where chefs prepare dishes using fresh, local ingredients. Take part in culinary workshops or gastronomic tours and taste the variety of Brda cuisine in different restaurants.

Choose a date from the link and the app will show you which wineries and farmhouses or caterers you can visit on the day you want in Goriška Brda. LIST OF OPEN HOMESTEADS (tasting and restaurant schedules)

3. Must-see attractions

From charming medieval villages to stunning landscapes, rich sacral and cultural heritage. Brda is a treasure trove of rich heritage, where the winds of Slavic, Germanic and Romance have come together. They reflect the spirit of the times, inspire new combinations of old and new, and bear witness to the trials and tribulations of the local people. 

Here are the top sights to visit in Brda: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SIGHTS IN BRDA

Brda are enchanting in all seasons, and you'll come back again and again.

4. Summer festivals and events

Summer offers some real music send-offs. Picturesque backdrops will embrace the harmonies of sound and the top names of the classical and modern music scene.

  • 19th July at 8 PM, Vila Vipolže - concert UROŠ PERIĆ TRIO (More info about the event on the link: PROGRAMME)
  • 2nd August at 8:30, Vila Vipolže - THE CROSSINGS FESTIVAL - SCONFINAMENTI with Romanian pianist Daniel Petric Ciobanu (More info on the event at the link: PROGRAMME)
  • 4th August at 8 PM, Vila Vipolže - COLLUVIO ACADEMY OF CHAMBER MUSIC (More info about the event at the link: PROGRAMME)
  • 7th August at 8 PM, Vila Vipolže - PEHLIVANIAN PROFESSIONAL OPERA ACADEMY with Maestro George Pehlivanian with the opera "La Bohème", one of the most famous and popular works by the Italian composer Giacomo Puccini (More info about the event at the link: PROGRAMME).


5. Experiences and workshops for every taste

Brda offers countless opportunities for unique experiences and workshops that will delight every visitor. 

In addition to wine tastings, there are olive oil, honey and brandy tastings, or you can go on a unique wine adventure on a Wine Safari. You can also try your hand at making natural cosmetics or take part in a cooking workshop of local dishes. For those who love to create, there are workshops in clay and ceramics, or basket weaving. If you prefer to sit in the shade and enjoy the rhythm of nature, there is a picnic under an olive tree or in an orchard. For your well-being, there are intimate experiences and pampering in the wellness spa. For all lovers of culture and history, Brda invites with its rich sacral heritage and stories from Sabotin Hill, a place of peace and historical memories from World War I. 

You can see the variety of experiences at this link: EXPIERENCES

For those who would like to discover Brdo with a local guide, you can choose from a selection of guides: LIST OF LOCAL GUIDES or you can let the locals prepare a programme tailored to your needs: LIST OF GUIDED TOURS AND AGENCIES

6. Active in Brda (hiking and cycling tours)

Embrace the hills of Brda with its hiking trails, footpaths and cycle paths, and get to know the local people's love for nature and sustainability.

9 circular hiking trails named after old Brda varieties, 2 stages of the Alpe Adria Trail, 2 stages of the Juliana Trail and the Brda Circle of Peace hiking trail on Sabotin are waiting for you in Brda! The choice is really varied. Here you can choose the trail that suits you best. LIST OF HIKING TRAILS IN BRDA

Cycling through narrow, quiet and scenic villages offers a real experience. There are 3 marked trails in Brda: the Kaki, the Peach and the Olive. You can get to know the routes here. LIST OF CYCLING ROUTES IN BRDA 

Go on a cycling adventure that has already been experienced by the riders of the Giro d'Italia and the Race across Slovenia!

Join us in magical Brda and discover your way to unforgettable experiences.

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