Benedetič Farm

Benedetič farm lies on the fringe of Goriška Brda, near the border with the Italian wine-growing region.


Čarga | since 1767

The family homestead Čarga constantly strives toward the development of their wine house and the path leading to high-quality wines.

Family farmhouse Jakončič

Our vineyards are our pride, our face, our first and foremost concern. We are aware of the fact that good wines are not born in a wine cellar but in a vineyard.


Farmhouse Kumar - Primar

The homestead Kumar lies in the idyllic medieval village Šmartno, in the heart of the Brda region.



Kabaj Farmhouse

The farm lies in a quiet, sunny location, in a village named Šlovrenc.


Pičulin Farm

Pičulin farm is located in the “land of invigorating moments”, in a famous Brda village named Vipolže.



Subida – a small centre stretching across the green island in the middle of the Brda vineyards, from which it draws it vitality.

Štekar House

 In the hear of the Brda region, just a few kilometres from Nova Gorica, lies our 250-year-old house

Tourism Valentinčič

This is a place where beauty, elegance and peace are united in harmony, which will change your holidays into an unforgettable experience.


The wine VedriAlp reflects the dedication and sincerity of its makers.

Wine and Tourism Šibav

The vine and wines have shaped the lives of several generations of the Šibav family. Diligent work of our parents is now carried on by the two sons.


Wine Shop Cormons

In the centre of the historic town Cormons you will find the wine shop Cormons. With its offer it will satisfy even the most demanding guest.


Winemaking Šibav Dušica

The link between the natural resources, generational experience and personal approach enables the production of high-quality, distinctive, authentic Šibav wines.



Bjana is a dialectal name for our village Biljana. Wines Bjana are produced and cared for at the family estate in the heart of the wine-growing region of Goriška Brda.


Erzetič in Višnjevik

The Erzetič family story (the homestead is also called "pri Martinovih") has long been closely connected with nature, viticulture and wine production.

Family farmhouse Komjanc

Family Komjanc awaits you at their farm and walks you through the vineyards and the wine cellar.



 In all its magic, Gredič tells a story about its place, wines, food and people giving it life.


Kocijančič Zanut farm

In the village Neblo, where the sun sets over the Brda region, you can find the Zanut homestead.

Sosolič wines

The Sosolič family from Zali Breg, a village located in the heart of the Brda region in a hamlet named Šturenšče, produce fine, fresh and elegant wines.


Štekar Farm

Experience the richness of flavours, the luxury of peace, the magical Brda landscape and the authenticity of the locals.

The Pulec Wine Farm

The homestead Pulec lies on the edge of the sunny Goriška Brda hills, in the village Plešivo. For generations the family has been involved in the production of high-quality wines.

Tourist farm Štanfel

If you want to enjoy the traditional food of our grandmothers, a glass of good wine and escape from the stressful everyday life, you are kindly welcome to visit us at the tourist farm Štanfel.


Viticulture and fruit growing Na bregu Marinič

Family Marinič is located on the slope of one of the oldest villages in Brda, known for its defensive walls and St. Martin’s Church, Šmartno.


Wine cellar ‘Goriška Brda’

The wine cellar “Goriška Brda” is the largest Slovenian wine cellar which continues a several hundred-year old tradition of the production of excellent Brda wines.


Winemaking Mužič

In Plešivo, in the hamlet Jordano, the brothers Iztok and Borut Mužič cultivate 6 ha of vineyards, 20.000 different sorts of vines.