Olive oil bar Šmartno

The olive oil tasting is led by a member of the Brda panel for sensory evaluation, so you get to know the correct tasting technique first hand. Get to know the difference between extra virgin and virgin oil, learn about the proper use of olive oil, about the combination with dishes and what we need to pay attention to when buying. The tasting ends with a snack and a house cake with olive oil and orange.


Degustacija oljčnega oljaDegustacija oljčnega olja po predhodnem naročilu


Olive oil bar Šmartno

Šmartno 38, 5211 Kojsko

T: +386 41 341 149

E: borut.basin@siol.net, tatjana.basin200@gmail.com

Olive oil tastings without calling in advance:

every day at 11am and 3 pm

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Specialty of the house:

We are members of the European network The Routes of Olive Tree.

Additional Services:

Guided tastings for larger groups and companies by prior arrangement.