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Our fruit growing and wine producing farm lies on the Vedrijan hill, with a marvellous view of the Alps and the sea. With our additional offer - lavender cultivation and lavender products, we evoke the "scent of summer" all year round.

By distilling lavender flowers we obtain 100% lavender essential oil and hydrolyte or rose water. Lavender essential oil has a centuries old tradition of use and a wide spectrum of activity as it function anti-viral and as an analgesic, antidepressant,…Its scent soothes and relaxes.

We produce natural vegetable soaps from olive oil, palm and cocoa butter, enriched with lavender or rosemary essential oils and other herbs from our own garden. Soaps are made by cold process. This allows us to preserve authentic characteristics of oils. They are suitable for all skin types and all ages. 


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Vedrijan 9, 5211 Kojsko
tel.: +386 (0)31 784 188
+ 386 (0)41 898 794

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Specialty of the house:

We offer the scen of lavender in:

  • natural lavender soap,
  • essential oil,
  • hydrolyte,
  • scented bags,
  • fragrant bouquets,
  • workshops with lavender by prior arrangement (production of natural lavender soap, lavender bundles, garlands or decorations for your home)

We also offer seasonal fruit, such as cherries, apricots, figs, plums, olives, persimmons,...

Our specialty is to experience the charm of cherries by picking it yourself.

You can also buy business and personal gifts, decorations and gifts with a special touch.

When visiting our farm, we enrich your trip with a professional geographical, historical and cultural presentation of the village Vedrijan and the Brda region.


Additional Services:

It comes a time when our farm can offer even MORE.

When the lavender blossoms, we welcome individual guests or groups for a tour of our lavender plantations. On request we also organize lavender workshops (bundle, garland knitting… we can also teach you how to make natural lavender soap).

During the lavender harvest (late June, early July), we offer a tour of our plantation and a possibility to participate at the harvest, distillation, and workshops (production of natural soap, bundles, garlands and bouquets). In June, our "summer scent" is offered in cherries and pleasant gatherings under the cherry tree and in the lavender workshops. Experience the "summer scent" in our vineyards, where lavenders surrounded by olive trees, cherry trees and beautiful long-lasting views conjure up a marvelous day.

Feel the perfect moments in the nature.

We kindly ask to make a prior arrangement. Thank you,

Farm Marinič