Benedetič Farm

Our vineyards are cultivated with the respect to tradition and our ancestor’s hard work but at the same time we follow the latest trends in the field of viticulture and wine production. We care about our environment that is why our grapes are grown in accordance with the guidelines of the integrated production of grapes.

In the past our vineyards were coverd by the sea. There are still visible traces of ancient times. There are glittering fossilised foraminifers in the soil – the nummulites. Due to their unique shape and elegance and the story about the past they are telling, they have become the symbol of our wines. We decorated our label with a stylized image of a nummulite. As the spirals of the nummulite intertwine, so does the fullnesss of our wines, given by the fertile soil, and fruitiness given by the shining sun and harmony, which is the result of winemaker’s and wine grower’s knowledge.

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Vipolže 65,5212 Dobrovo
tel.: +386 (0)41 821 638

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Specialty of the house:

Among white varieties we dedicatespecial attention to:

  • autochthonous Ribolla, and
  • sauvignonasse (former tokaj)

Our wide selection also includes:

  • chardonnay,
  • pinot blanc and
  • pinot gris

You will also find red wine varieties, such as:

  • merlot,
  • cabernet sauvignon, and
  • cabernet franc

During the visit you can also taste the sweet Brda fruit (cherries, peaches).