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Would you like to discover, visit and experience the area of Brda? Let us take you there!

Let us take you around the Brda landscape and you will notice Brda in all its Outstanding beauty. Get to know its unique cultural heritage of the area and get acquainted with its rich history. You are bound to be seduced by excellent Brda wines together with its genuine local dishes.



Gonjače - Šmartno - Dobrovo

The observation tower in the village of Gonjače offers splendid views of the magnificent Brda hills, perfectly nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. We will stroll through the narrow alleys of the medieval village of Šmartno and see the local sights and architectural attractions. We will then visit the Renaissance castle in Dobrovo, which houses an art gallery displaying the works of Zoran Mušič and a museum collection of Count de Baguer. Taking a walk through a vineyard and an orchard, we will reach the Klet Brda Wine Cellar, the leading producer and exporter of Slovenian wines. A guided tour of the cellar will include the tasting of the finest local wines and a traditional lunch.



Sabotin - Šmartno - Klet Brda - Gradno

The area of Mt Sabotin, which was once part the Isonzo Front, is today home to the Sabotin Peace Park and offers a variety of natural and historic sights. We will set on a discovery of caves cut into the hillside, learn about the local fauna and flora and enjoy the breath-taking views. After a snack, we will head to the medieval village of Šmartno, crisscrossed with narrow alleys and boasting unique architectural features. We will then continue to the Klet Brda Wine Cellar, the leading producer and exporter of Slovenian wines. After a guided wine-tasting session with refreshments, we will visit the small village of Gradno and its church, dedicated to St George, where we will see the works of renowned artists Zoran Mušič and Lojze Spacal. The tour will conclude with a late, delicious lunch at a local tourist farm.



Kojsko - Gonjače - Šmartno - Biljana - Goriška Brda wine cellar

This is the right trip for those who, apart from sightseeing and culinary delights, would like to spend their time in an active way. We’ll start our hike in Kojsko. The first mentioning of this village dates back to 1086. Above the village, there reigns St. Cross’s Church with a gothic altar from 1515. We’ll head for the church winding though the path with chapels decorated with paintings of the Stations of the Cross. Passing the vineyards and orchards, we’ll descend towards the lookout tower in Gonjače, where we will admire a wonderful view of all four parts of the sky. Afterwards, we’ll head Šmartno, a charming Mediaeval village surrounded by walls. We’ll walk through the narrow streets and visit the magnificent St. Martin’s Church which boasts of great paintings by Tone Kralj. Then we’ll also visit Brda’s House which hosts an architecture exhibition “Brda throughout ages.” Then it’s snack time. After the snack, the road will lead us to the village of Biljana, where St. Michael Church reigns. Last but not least, we’ll have to face our last hiking achievement of the day – the descent to Dobrovo, which is where we’ll visit the “Goriška Brda” Wine Cellar. The Cellar boasts of being the biggest wine cellar in Slovenia as well as of having a pluricentenary tradition of wine production. After the visit of the cellar, it’s time for the tasting of Brda wines which best accompany a characteristic Brda lunch.



The invigorating scent of ripe grapes, vineyards aglow in the warm tones of early autumn and outdoor activities in a friendly atmosphere make this a dream destination for many travellers. We will start by climbing the observation tower in the village of Gonjače, which offers splendid views of the landscape nestled between the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea. After a walk around the medieval village of Šmartno, we will head for vineyards to experience the grape-picking tradition, meet wine growers and learn about the early stages of wine making. The tour will end with a guided wine-tasting session and a traditional lunch at the Klet Brda Wine Cellar, the leading producer and exporter of Slovenian wines.

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