Church in Dolnje Cerovo

The legend that still lives in the memory of the locals explains the uniqueness of the church in this village in the following way: there was a farmer from Dolnje Cerovo who used to transport wine by oxen. Once, the oxen got stuck on the road, so the poor farmer could move neither forward nor backward. Finally he was rescued. To show his gratitude, the farmer forged a chain, which even today embraces the outside walls of the church. The year engraved on the chain is 1859. How much truth is in the legend cannot be judged since there are several variations of the same story.

But, perhaps because of this special chain, the church is dedicated to Saint Leonard, the patron saint of all prisoners and people in chains. The church can be reached by following the picturesque staircase, which leads the way to the gentle rise where the church is situated.

In the vicinity the ruins of once upon a time castle with towers can still be seen.

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