Church in Golo Brdo

According to the legend, the church was built by a count to show his gratitude for the rescue of his son who had fallen into an abyss in the ground.

The church was built in the exact place where the son had fallen and the altar placed over the crevice that almost took the count's son's life. It is rather interesting that the church is called Saint Mary on the Lake even tough the church is situated at the top of the hill. But it is also true that behind the altar there is a hidden fissure, where the murmur of the river waters can be heard.

A special attraction on the way to the church are the nicely restored chapels. The church itself originates in the Middle Ages but was rebuilt in later periods. The crevice next to the main entrance holds the late-Gothic statue of the Virgin Mary, holding the Christ child in 1997, an important archaeological site was found on the hill. The excavations have proven that there used to be various settlements, from the earlier years of the Iron Age, through early to late Antiquity. Also quite a precious historical document telling about the Roman invasion of this part of Europe was found.

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