With the Korada hill, the hilly land of the Brda region rises to its highest peak of 812 m above the sea level.

Locals call it Kobalar, taken after the abandoned farm “Pri Kobalarju”, meaning “At Kobalar's place”. Just below the top of the hill are the church Sveta Genderca and the mountain refuge, set up on the foundations of military buildings from the First World War.

The Brici have never used Korada to put animals out to pasture – its grass was used primarily as lawn.

Today many meadow plants that have died out in other places in the Brda region can still be admired here. There are several paths that lead to Korada from the centre of the Brda region, from the Soča Valley and from the Sabotin hill. On your way, traces of the first-world-war battlefield can be found. The flora growing on the Korada hill does not vary so much as the plants on the Sabotin.

Korada is also a very popular place for many hikers because it offers a spectacular view of the Alps and the sea.


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