Easter Lunch at Homestead Kabaj

You are invited to join us during Easter holidays and enjoy our offer, which includes our traditional dishes.

MENU Sunday, 31.3.2013 and Monday 1.4.2013 for lunch:

  • “buoha kost”, “žegnjen kruh” (blessed bread), and horseradish flan
  • veal stew
  • ravioli au gratin with “štakwiž” (codfish goulash)
  • lamb in the oven with potatoes and artichokes
  • “gubanca” (typical Slovenian pastry) with pears “pituralke”

Menu price: 40€ per person (price menu also includes house wine and water)

Reservations can be made at:

tel: +386 41 454 002

Email: kabaj.morel@siol.net

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