Hot Drinks for a New Beginning of the Year

February offer of herbal teas Beštja – available in a 40 gram packing for 4,00€.

I first want to wish you good health and a lot of success in the new year. Let me introduce you our offer of domestic herbal teas, made the traditional way. Of course, I first gather the herbs, mostly in the surrounding clearings and plateaus (e.g. Kobalar, as Brici call the hill Korada, or at Paljevo, near Bat and Grgar and Trnovo near Gorica). Then I spread them on special nets for drying herbs – these are light, simple frames with PVS mesh on the bottom to allow the air to circulate freely and thus dry the herbs. After a few days of drying I carefully pick and pack the herbs in a new packaging, and add a paper label to it – and this is Beštja!   In this monthly offer of herbal teas Beštja you can choose between black elder, wild pansy, hawthorn, nasturtium, lime, thyme, fennel, pot marigold,… and more.   All teas are only in February available in 40 gram packagings for only 4,00€.  

Herbal teas Beštja can be ordered by calling + 386 (0)41 422 833 or sending an e-mail: ivan.veliscek @

P.S. Do you also gather medicinal plants and herbs? Do you maybe need wooden nets for drying herbs with which you could easily dry gathered plants at home?  

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