Ivan Velišček

I'm Ivan Velišček from Plave. I'm engaged in the production of wooden products for domestic or decorative use.

The range of products, known as Lajšta, offer a numerous selection of wooden boxes, wooden wheelbarrows and nets for drying herbs. The offer also includes rakes for harvesting wild berries, and oak stands for wine bottles, which are also suitable as business gifts.

More at www.lajsta.si. In my free time I gather herbs from which I make homemade herbal teas. More about the offer at www.bestja.si.



Ul. Ivana Gradnika 5/a, Plave, 5210 Deskle
tel: +386 (0) 41 422 833  
e-mail: ivan.veliscek@gmail.com
www.lajsta.si, www.bestja.si

By prior arrangement.

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Specialty of the house:

All wooden crates are made of planed pine boards attached to each other with metallic nails and glue for wood. The crates are made of natural materials, which are extremely durable and resistant. Boards are planed.

Wheelbarrow is suitable for decorating the garden or the lawn or it can be used as a gift. It has a round wheel for moving it around easily. However, it is not suitable for carrying heavier loads. It is made of pine wood.

Wooden nets are meant for drying herbs. Flowers herbs need to be evenly spread across the area of the wooden net.

Rakes for berries are meant for harvesting different types of berries, e.g. blueberries, elderberries, hawthorn berries or rowan berries. With its help you can gather a larger amount of berries in comparison to hand picking. In addition to that you can thoroughly clean the berries from the dried leaves.

Unique stand, varnished or unvarnished, is hand made of oak wood and calibrated for 750 ml bottles. It is an excellent rural souvenir and it represent an interesting and natural wine decoration. A farm's label can be put on it or even a short text burned into it.

All wooden products are unique and hand-made.

Our offer includes delicious homemade herbal teas packed in 20g or 40g bags. Teas improve your wellbeing and offer a new and authentic experience. I have more than 15 different herbal teas. It is possible to taste them by prior arrangement.

Join us for a walk around the local area and gather herbs, wild asparagus, wild garlic and berries. Listen to the nature and animal sounds. Learn how to prepare teas and let yourself be pampered with the smell of delicious teas.


Make your own wooden products and take them home as a souvenir. The charm of wood that lasts.

Get to know us and experience the hospitality of the locals.