Event: Brda & Friends

Date: 11.05.2024
Hour: 14:00

City: Vila Vipolže
Location: Vila Vipolže

 We are presenting to you the second edition of the wine festival Brda&Friends, the likes of which have never been seen in Slovenia and its wider surroundings. The Brda&Friends event itself will be attended by 50+ wine houses, both from the Goriška Brda region (Aljoša Sirk, Marjan Simčič, Klet Brda, Zalatel, Nebo, Čarga, Iaquin, Edi Simčič, Mulit, Valter Sirk, Ščurek, Danilo Mavrič, Zarova, Kristančič, Ronk, Jure Štekar, Šibav, Bregar, Atelier Kramar, Blažič, Domačija Bizjak, Erzetič, Zanut, Movia, Kristalvin, Kristian Keber, Emeran Reya, Jožko Mavrič, Prinčič, Dobuje, Peršolja, Berblut...) as well as wine houses with international participation (Brkič (BIH), I'M Winery (Moldavia)...).

In addition to the wine houses themselves, there will also be various culinary providers, with an emphasis on boutique cheesemakers (Fattoria Gortani...), and of course restaurants (Bistro Štorja, Termika Lijak, Marina Portorož, Georgie Bistro, Osteria Caramella...), which will cater your taste buds.

The event will take place at Vila Vipolže on May 11th 2024 at 2 PM till 9 PM, followed by a party at Vila Vipolže with DJ Adriano Roj.

The entrance to the event includes a wine glass, all the wine and food tastings, every hour the attending restaurants, will present themself, their cooking ideas and also prepare some promotional tasting dishes for you to try.

More information about the festival itself will be published in the coming days, but if you want to be informed about all the news, just send us an e-mail or visit us in person in Šmartno.

Hurry up and book your accommodation, because we are preparing a wine festival for you that is not to be missed.




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