Event: Gradnik evenings 2019

Date: 22.11.2019
Hour: 19:00

City: Dobrovo
Location: Grad Dobrovo, Grajska cesta 10, Dobrovo

The evening is dedicated to the 110-year jubilee of the birth of Zoran Mušič, whose exhibition of 134 graphics is on display in the castle of Dobrovo since 1991.

Zoran Mušič, who was through his father eternally connected to Brda, left a big mark in this region. Next to an extensive collection of his works on Castle Dobrovo there are also his paintings in the Church of st. George in Gradno.


We will open an exhibition of artworks, dedicated to Zoran Mušič, of students of Primary school Alojz Gradnik Dobrovo and Art society Dablo in the lobby of Castle Dobrovo.


A walk among pictures, made by Zoran Mušič and a talk with an art historian dr. Nelida Nemec.



  • debate club students of Primary school Alojz Gradnik Dobrovo, led by Marjetka Zavrtanik and Denis Škrlj and
  • students of string school of Clara Bensa.


The evening will be connected by Andreja Benedetič.


You are welcome to join us!


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