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Did you know that in the spring the cuisine of Brda takes on a "wild" image? A variety of wild sprouts peek out from the ground, bringing a real explosion of flavor, vitamins, and nutrients. Do not miss the opportunity and visit our providers, who will serve you dishes that you will certainly be impressed with. April is the month of eating wild sprouts.








Brda's cuisine is colorful and diverse. It follows the rythm of nature and writes a different story in every season according to the principle of pitch to pitch. The people of Brda love their land, which delights them with delicious gifts from which they create true culinary masterpieces. The roots of Brda cuisine are based on rich tradition, seasoned with a touch of modernity. Taste buds are pampered by authentic flavors that are created from the hands of hard-working chefs and evoke in you a feeling of genuine connection.

In this beautiful part of the world, in the heart of wine cellars, olive groves and orchards, you get the feeling that the fast pace of life stops, at least for a short time. You are invited to experience it with us!

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Providers of wild sprout dishes:


TURIZEM BREG, Breg pri Golem Brdu 3, 5212 Dobrovo

Reservation: 05 304 25 55,


  • Bruschetta with cheese pesto, almonds, homemade olive oil and lard
  • Potato gnocchi stuffed with aromatic herbs, cream cheese and smoked cottage cheese
  • Turkey in sauce with wild shoots and vegetable side dish
  • Ice slices with chocolate and fresh mint

More info: Turizem Breg


HIŠA ŠTEKAR, Snežatno 26a, 5211 Kojsko

Reservation: 041 335 320,


  • Frtalja (egg omlette) with wild herbs
  • Gnoccchi with wild gaarlic sauce
  • Pork with sage 
  • Rabaštelca - a little scarecrow with young cheese and white polenta

More info: Štekar


GOSTILNICA NA LEPEM RAZGLEDU, Gornje Cerovo 51, 5211 Kojsko

Reservation: 040 238 990,


  • Homemade salami and herb frtalja
  • Gnocchi with asparagus and sauce
  • Baked ribs with a side dish
  • Vegetables minestrone
  • Dessert

More info: Gostilnica na lepem razgledu


DOMAČIJA KABAJ MOREL, Šlovrenc 4, 5212 Dobrovo

Reservation: 05 395 95 60,


  •  Dandelion salad "popčnik" with frika, salami sausge with red wine
  •  Pork, flan cheese, beech oyster
  •  Homemade dessert

More info: Domačija Kabaj


KRUH IN VINO, Vipolže 29, 5212 Dobrovo

Reservation: + 386 5 620 12 89,


  • Traditional horseradish spread and several types of homemade bread
  • Creamy nettle leaf soup
  • Homemade gnocchi with albumen curd and meadow herbs
  • Chamomile and honey flavored ice cream

More info: Kruh in vino


RESTAURANT GREDIČ, Ceglo 9, 5212 Dobrovo

Reservation: +386 40 477 817,


  • Frtalja (egg omlette) with herbs
  • Spring soup with mint foam
  • Capon roulade with local cheese and artichoke and cream potatoes

 More infoGredič


TAVARNETA BISTRO, Plešivo 37, 5212 Dobrovo

Reservation: +386 41 687 240


  • Beef tartare with wild sprouts
  • Sausage with asparagus
  • Dessert

More infoBužinel


HOTEL VENKO, Neblo 11, 5212 Dobrovo

Reservation: + 386 5 398 87 73,


  • Herb frtalja (egg omlette) with prosciutto and toasted white polenta
  • Pork cheeks in a natural sauce with mashed potatoes and herb butter
  • Mint panna cotta with strawberries

More info: Venko


RESTAVRACIJA BUŽINEL, Plešivo 37, 5212 Dobrovo

Reservation: +386  41 280 265


  • Sea bass carpaccio with dandelion
  • Gnocchi or pasta with shrimp and wild asparagus
  • Dessert

More infoBužinel



Menu price: 25,00 €

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