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Taste the Brda specialities


At the crossroads of different cultures, a rich Brda cuisine was created. Skilful Brda chefs managed to transform traditional cuisine into a huge variation of dishes while still remaining faithful to local and traditional dishes. 

Okušaj sezonsko briško hrano 2

Did you know that in the spring the cuisine of Brda takes on a "wild" image? A variety of wild sprouts peek out from the ground, bringing a real explosion of flavor, vitamins, and nutrients. Do not miss the opportunity and visit our providers, who will serve you dishes that you will certainly be impressed with. April is the month of eating wild sprouts.

Don't miss the current offer from wild sprouts: Brdalicious - into the wild Brdalicious

List of all the restaurants and their opening hours: Eno-gastronomia 


Admire the beauty of cherry blossoms


Spend the weekend actively discovering Brda hills.

 cvetoče češnje 3 slike

Meet a winemaker
Okušaj briška vina

Get in touch with the winemakers, who will be happy to open their wine cellar and offer you a few glasses of their precious wine. Learn how the top-quality Brda wine is made.

List of the winemakers and tastings schedules: Eno-gastronomia 



Taste and buy home-grown produce
Okušaj in kupi domače pridelke

The Brda region and its favourable climate reward the locals every year with good fruit and oil crops, which they want to share with you. Treat yourself to seasonal fruit, olive oil or spirits tasting and get to know the treasures of Brda. You can also buy the products every day at the Brda Tourist Information Centre in Šmartno.

List of the producers: Eno-gastronomia



Climb the observation tower in Gonjače
Povzpni se na razgledni stolp v Gonjačah in si privošči najlepši razgled na Brda

When visiting Goriška Brda, you should not pass Gonjače without climbing the observation tower and get the 360° view of the vineyards, surrounded on one side by mountains and on the other side with the sea, experience Brda in a new light.

Opening hours: always open
Free entry

More info: Gonjače


Discover the medieval village of Šmartno
Odkrij srednjeveško vasico Šmartno

Just a stone's throw away from Gonjače is the village of Šmartno. It has changed a lot over the years, but it has retained its traditional image. The medieval fortified village with five towers will take you on a historical journey through stormy periods of war and peace between neighbouring nations. With your family explore the scary mythical creatures hiding in Šmartno. An active walk around Šmartno begins with the search for QR points - these reveal the creepy fairy-tale creatures of Brda with which they once scared children. A map of all points is located on the front of the building where the TIC, Šmartno 11, is located. In Šmartno you can also visit the Museum of the traditional Brda and the Brda House Cellar, where you can take a peek into the history and development of Brda houses.

Opening hours of the Museum of Brda House: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, weekend and holidays 10am - 6pm
Free entry

More info: Šmartno
Tel: + 386 (0) 5 395 95 95

E-mail: tic@brda.si


Visit the most beautiful renaissance in Slovenia, Vila Vipolže
Obiščite najlepšo renesančno vilo v Sloveniji, Vilo Vipolže

A Renaissance villa of the Palladian type is built on the basis of a medieval castle. A real journey through time that will take you to the period of medieval troubadours, renaissance dances and baroque feasts. Visits are possible at any time during the office hours of Villa Vipolže.

Opening hours: Wednesday - Friday 9am - 5pm, weekends and holidays 10am - 6pm

More info: Vila Vipolže
Tel: + 386 (0) 8 20 554 20

E-mail: info@vilavipolze.eu


Discover the Sabotin hill, the Peace Park and the WWI museum
 Spoznaj Sabotin, Park miru in muzej 1. svetovne vojne (2)

Climb Sabotin, a hill above the Soča River, which was the scene of fierce fighting in the First World War, and today a place that reminds passers-by of peace and reconciliation. Today, the border between Slovenia and Italy runs along its ridge. From here you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view that stretches from the pre-Alpine mountains to the Adriatic Sea, all the way to Venice. 

In April 2022 a new Sabotin Visitor Center has been opened and it has a museum and info point, as well as many remnants of an open-air museum, which is an important stop on this route.

Sabotin Visitor Center schedule: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 10:00 to 18:00
Exceptionally open also on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th April 2022

At the Sabotin hunting lodge, an 11.5 km long circular themed walking trail begins under the name of the Brda Peace Circle. During the walk you will be able to enjoy the beautiful views, stretching from the pre-Alpine mountains to the Adriatic Sea, all the way to Venice, and in the immediate depths to observe the beautiful color of the emerald river Soča. Along the way there are 8 thematic points where you will get to know the rich heritage of the First World War and the Soča Front, as well as the diverse flora and fauna of the Sabotina protected area.

Opening hours of the museum: weekends and holidays: 10am - 6pm

More info: Sabotin Peace Park
Tel: + 386 (0) 31 656 603

E-mail: robert.bavdaz@siol.net


Explore the Dobrovo castle
Raziskujte poznorenesančen Grad Dobrovo

Dobrovo Castle, a Renaissance mansion, began to be built around 1600. It is known that the medieval castle was demolished and the current one was built on its ruins. In the castle are displayed the permanent exhibitions of Zoran Mušič and the Castle Collection in Dobrovo, an attempt at reconstruction. Occasional exhibitions take place in well-kept attics.

Currently closed due to renovations!

More info: Dobrovo Castle


Take a look at the natural stone bridge Krčnik
Oglejte si naravni kamniti most Krčnik

The Kožbanjšček stream, which flows at the foot of the Brda hills below the village of Kožbana, has carved into living rock with its extraordinary strength and created beautiful pools and troughs. Above them rises a natural stone bridge carved by rushing water.

More info: Krčnik and Kotline


Explore the abandoned village of Slapnik
Slapnik 3 slike

Embark on an adventure in an abandoned village, which is an exceptional example of ancient peasant architecture in Brda. The closed doors of quiet homes and long-abandoned fireplaces will draw you into the magical world of old fairy tales, tales and devils.

More info: Slapnik


Go on a hike through the picturesque hills along one of the themed trails


 Odpravi se na pohod po slikovitih gričkih po eni od tematskih pohodnih poti

The hills also offer quite a few hiking trails. Take a walk along one of the themed paths of cherry blossoms, and get to know the Brda vineyards and orchards up close. The marked trails, named after the old Brda cherry varieties, offer a unique way to discover the Brda region.

More info: Walking trails


Rent an e-bike or bike and choose one of many biking trails
Najemi električno ali gorsko kolo in se podaj po briških gričih

If walking is not suitable for you and you would prefer to ride between the Brda hills, you can rent an electric or mountain bike and ride one of the bike paths. The varied landscape ensures the diversity of your trip and at the same time you can enjoy the fresh air.

More info: Biking trails
More info: Bike and e-bike rental


Visit one of the many churches scattered on the Brda hills
Obišči eno izmed mnogih cerkva, razpršenih na briških gričih

There is almost no hill in Brda where a church does not stand. The churches are dedicated to various saints who protect Brice and the Brda region. Built in different periods and styles, the churches are certainly an important part of the sacral heritage in Brda.

More info: Sacral heritage


Meet the local artists
Spoznaj lokalne umetnike

The picturesque landscape enchants not only the visitors, but also the locals who are often inspires by nature to create. Brda has many local artists who will happily show you, their work. You can buy many art pieces at the Tourist Information Centre Brda and in Villa Vipolže.

More info: Local artists


Visit Briška "butiehco", a shop with local products and souvenirs
Obišči Briško »butiehco«, trgovino z lokalnimi izdelki in spominki

Brda butiehca - a shop offering gifts and souvenirs produced, made or designed by Brda farmers, craftsmen and artists with a range of products that reflect the soul of our country. It is possible to buy ceramics, honey, olive oil, mosaics, soaps, jewellery and much more.

More info: Briška butiehca


More info:

Tourist information centre Brda
Šmartno 13, 5211 Kojsko
T: +386 (0)5 395 95 95
E: tic@brda.si
Facebook: @Brda
Instagram: @goriska_brda 

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