Photo safari beneath the cherry blossom

Experience the magic created by the white lace of blossoming cherry trees spreading across the Brda hills. Enjoy the moment and take in the beauty while listening to bees buzzing in the cherry orchards and admiring the vivid colours of the beautiful butterflies. Breathe in the freshness of the spring breeze. Stop the time and embrace the awakening of nature. Join the "Photo safari beneath the cherry blossom" and fill up your box of memories. Let Brda charm you!


Welcoming of guests at the Gonjače Viewing Tower. Jeep ride across the Brda hills. Stop at the panoramic points. Picnic with homemade Brda delicacies in a blossoming cherry tree orchard (wine included).



26. 3. - 10. 4. 2022



69 EUR/person



Duration: 2-3 hrs. Minimum number of people to run the experience is 6.

Morning start at 10 am. Afternoon start at 2 pm.



+386 (0)31 363 179

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