Biking and walking trails

Winter pampers us with warm and sunny days that are perfect for cycling adventures or getting to know our hiking trails.


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Biking trails


Juliana bike trail is a 290 kilometres long trail around the Julian Alps and is divided into 7 stages. Each stage is long about 40km. In addition, there are also 3 access stages, one of them is a 48km long trail from Brda to Tolmin.

More information: Juliana Bike


Sabotin and the nearby hills from which is divided by the Soča river are interesting for cyclists too. Steep slopes right above the Soča river were an important part of the territorial defence of Gorizia in times of war. We have gathered 5 trails for you. Three of them are circular. All trails are difficult so we recommend that you take them by mountain bike.


A charming landscape in the embrace of the sun, planted with vineyards, orchards and olive groves, alluring in all seasons. The hills dotted with compact villages, along which many winding paths lead, are a paradise for all cycling enthusiasts. Choose one of the many routes, from easy to very demanding, and set out to explore the beauties of Brda.  

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 Hiking trails


On this hiking trail, you will not conquer any mountain tops. At the foot of the mountains, this trail will lead you to the edge of the Julian Alps and the Triglav national park. The total length is 270km + 60km of additional stages. Across the Brda goes the 19th stage Korada – Šmartno and 20th stage Šmartno – Solkan. 

More information: Juliana Trail


Alpe Adria trail is set up so that each stage runs through places with tourist attractions that have rich cultural, natural or culinary traditions. What all of the included places have in common is the natural treasure of water in all of its states such as rivers, icebergs, waterfalls, springs, lakes and seas. The main purpose of the trail is to connect three regions and three different cultures in one diverse experience. Brda’s part of the trail is suitable for a two-day hiking tour.

More information: Alpe Adria Trail


Fairytale-like landscape from where the view reaches to the sea, Friuli and Veneto, has a special, almost magical power. In Brda, where our luscious fruit is growing, top quality wines are thriving and where you can taste excellent domestic cuisine, you can walk through the vineyards and orchards and you find your piece surrounded by beautiful nature. 

Take one of the 8 circular trails that take names from our old varieties of cherries. Each trail leads through unique, colourful and picturesque nature that is full of life in every season.

More information: Cherry blossom trails


The walk of peace connects the places and the people and their cultural and natural heritage alongside the former Soča front. The front left behind many remnants that are well preserved and maintained by different organizations. War cemeteries, caverns, trenches, chapels, monuments and outdoor museums represent an important tangible and intangible heritage of European history. Now they are the main theme of The walk of peace from the Julian Alps to the Adriatic sea. The trail is marked and suitable for hikers and cyclists. The main attractions can be also accessed by car or bus.

The Soča river separated Sabotin from Sveta Gora (Holy Mountain) and so it became a proud loner that looks over Brda and Karst and even a bit on the Alps and Trieste gulf. It offers to the hikers much more than you would say by the look of the hill from the valley. You can climb up the hill in 6 different directions.

More information: Walk of Peace


On this trail, you will be accompanied by the verses of our famous poet Alojz Gradnik that lead to the invisible ladder which brings you to the poet’s birth house, where you can take a rest while looking at the poet’s legacy and reading his poetry.

The natural history part of the trail offers the visitor knowledge about Brda’s typical trees. The vantage point is a special experience as it offers a marvellous view over 24 belfries that adorn Brda’s and faraway hills.

More info: Gradnik Trail



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