Events in Brda 2021

Enter and have a look at what we have prepared for you in 2021.




Despite the current situation, we are very optimistic that we will soon be able to have a great time again at our annual events for culture, tradition, sports and art lovers. 


All events and dates are indicative in nature, as due to COVID situation in the future, we cannot ensure that events will take place within the envisaged frameworks. 





The list of EVENTS IN BRDA IN 2021:

17.04. Brda and wine -  CANCELLED

23.05. Giro d'Italia

29.05. - 06.06. Make your own cherry feast

05.06. Heroes of the Vineyards Cycling Marathon

06.06. Cherry to Cherry Hike

12.06. - 13.06. Open Cellar Days (Wine Days)

25.06. - 27.06. Dreams in Medana, festival of books and wine

30.06. - 02.07. Piccolo Opera Festival of Friuli Venezia Giulia

04.07. Collio Brda Cross country and E-bike race

01.10. Flores Musicae, Renaissance Music Festival

13.11. - 14.11. St. Martin's Fest in Šmartno 2019


For more information about the events follow us on our social media accounts.




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