We invite you to Brda museums and TIC Brda

The Brda museums and TIC Brda open their doors every day. To make it as easy as possible for you to visit them and explore their hidden corners, below are the schedules of all the museums in Brda!


At TIC Brda you will get all the information about Brda - what sights you can see, where you can go to eat something good or to a tasting without prior notice and where to find hiking or biking trails. You can also rent e-bikes and use them to explore the Brda hills at your own pace. In Briška butiehca you can buy local Brda products and products.

Monday - Friday: 09 am - 1:30pm and 2pm - 5pm
Saturday, Sunday, public holidays: 10pm - 1:30pm and 2pm - 6pm


Are you interested in how the Brda colon lived? Now you have the opportunity to experience the pulse of the Brda family! Upon entering the house you see an equipped kitchen, and on the ascent to the upper floor you see a bedroom. In addition, you can take a walk on the balcony or watch an old movie about what life was like in Brda in the past.

NEW: now you can also see the furnished cellar - it is not only wine-growing utensils, the cellar was also an important place for the Brda family for storing food and tools, as well as drying meat.

Monday - Friday: 09pm - 5pm
Saturday, Sunday, public holidays: 10pm - 6pm


At Dobrovo Castle you can see objects and documents that belonged to the family of Count Silveri de Baguer and a gallery of graphics by Zoran Mušič.

NEW: you can admire the beautiful view of the Brda hills from two lookout towers.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! From Monday, 13 July 2020, to and including Thursday, 16 July 2020, the museum at Dobrovo Castle will be closed due to maintenance work. Thank you for your understanding!


Tuesday - Friday: 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm
Saturday: 1pm - 6pm
Sunday and public holidays: 1pm - 5pm

vila vipolže megliceVILLA VIPOLŽE, VIPOLŽE

The most beautiful renaissance villa in Slovenia invites you to see its beautiful interior. See how it has evolved over time, in the piano nobile imagine the course of the beautiful weddings in it, and on the top floor discover an interesting story hidden in the frescoes ...


Tuesday - Friday: 9am - 12pm and 1pm - 5pm
Saturday, Sunday, public holidays: 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm

Welcome to Brda!

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