The BRDA Wedding

For the seventh year in a row, the Brda region will host a unique romantic event of love that might be the perfect opportunity for you.

The Brda Wedding, with the touch of locality and natural characteristics, will be entirely devoted to the red Brda cherry.

The wedding day in Brda will take place in nature, in the embrace of the Brda hills, in the land of fruit and wine, accompanied with premium cuisine and hosted by the kind Brda people.

Among the vineyards, olive groves and in the cherry paradise, the winning couple will have a wedding day without and organisational and financial worries and full of exquisite gifts, given by partners of the Brda Wedding.

This grand event will take place on Saturday, 9 June 2018 and we will together propose a toast to the winning couple and to their new path, full of love and joy.

The day of love will be accompanied by entertaining and cultural events that will this year take place in Dobrovo within the scope of the Cherry Festival.

On Wednesday, 14 March 2018, the partners and representatives of the Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sport Institute med at the House of Culture in Šmartno and thoughtfully reviewed and assessed the 10 finalists who had applied to win the title of the winning couple of this year's Brda Wedding. The couples had time until 12 March to submit a questionnaire and we received 46 applications from all over Slovenia and also from abroad.

This year we had quite a difficult task because all the applicants' stories were very interesting and original and they all had quite a big desire to wed in the Brda region. We are very pleased and motivated to continue this project that has been designed to promote the Brda region as one of the most beautiful wedding destinations.

Two couples that applied were quite special, therefore, we decided to invite them to Brda for a chat to confirm our decision. We admit that both couples were very interesting and unique.

After a long deliberation we made a decision and chose our winning couple with tho we will create a new love story.

The Brda Wedding Couple 2018 title was earned by Kristina Pangos and Miha Vodičar. 

Kristina Pangos in Miha Vodičar_BP 2018

Kristina Pangos in Miha Vodičar_BP 2018_2


See the photos of the last year's Brda Wedding, where Amadeja and Rok promised lifelong loyalty and love to each other.

Briška poroka 2017_12

Briška poroka 2017_13

Briška poroka 2017_11

Briška poroka 2017_4

Briška poroka 2017_14

Briška poroka 2017_8

Briška poroka 2017_2

Briška poroka 2017_15

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