Šmartno on a plate

Šmartno na tondu (Šmartno on a plate) - a new experience with local ingredients and cultural exploring of the medieval village Šmartno.

We're returning back to the roots. Šmartno on a plate is a new touristic offer - on a plate (tond = plate in Brda dialect) we offer you a mixture of gastronomic delicacies with culture, history, customs, local art all together with a personal note.

We will start our culinary adventure on the terrace with a royal view on Brda hills – Hotel San Martin will offer you an appetizers (seasonal, fresh) with a glass of sparkling wine. While enjoying the view you will learn more about Brda and its customer, history and people.

Our second stop will be a renovated Brda homestead – Hiša Marica, where, while drinking a glass of Belica wine and some traditional dishes presented on a modern way, we will get acquainted with the history of the medieval village Šmartno.

We continue our journey towards the third stop – Hiša kulture (House of culture) which is located in the midlle of the village. In the olive oil bar Pr'Naad you will taste local olive oil and treat yourself with a chocolate cake with olive oil.

The offer of "Šmartnski tond" stops at the fourth station at Briška hiša (Brda house), where you get acquainted with the ethnological exhibition of the development of the Brda house, while on the ground floor you will be surrounded by the wonderful works of the Brda ceramist Tanja Rusjan.

Our trips will be completed in the most scented area in the middle of the streets of Šmartno in the shop Nona Luisa, owned by the ecologist Katjuša Reja. In addition to the natural cosmetics made from olive oil, you will taste homemade liquors made from wine.

This culinary - artistic journey through Šmartno can be made twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, starting at 15.00. The price of the package, which includes all food, drinks, guided tour and souvenir, is EUR 39 per person.

Tip: you'll need to take aproximately three hours for the trip Šmartno on a plate, but of course, you can always extend your visit of Šmartno.

You can look up the brochure: Šmartno on a plate


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