In the promised land - Slovenian women in the USA

 North America was considered the Promised Land ever since its discovery; waves of emigrants looking for better living conditions have been going there.

Slovenians massively emigrated to America in the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century; after 1945, a new wave of emigrants followed. In the early 20th century emigrants born in Slovenia represented a majority of this community; nowadays, the leading role has been taken over by generation born in the USA, so the American-born descendants of emigrants represent more than ninety percent of the Slovenian emigrant community.

The exhibition will present the history of emigration and settlement areas, the situation in certain Slovenian centres nowadays, the most important persons of the past and today. The common thread of the exhibition will a typical Slovenian emigrant story of a girl named Micka; she went into the world at the age of fourteen, and became Mary in the distant land.


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