Golo Brdo

Historically, this little village by the border river Idrija was repeatedly subject to turmoil which resulted in constant emigration of its inhabitants. Only a handful of people live there today who will be glad to show you where auricula (Primula auricula) grows. Here, this Alpine flower grows at unusually low elevation below 100 meters, in precipitous limestone cliffs which themselves are a rarity in Brda. In the beginning of April when it blossoms you can admire its yellow fragrant flowers from a bridge crossing a creek pool along the road to Britof.

The medieval church just above Golo Brdo is also worth a visit. According to oral traditions, a count who was grateful for the survival of his son who fell into a karst shaft beneath the today’s altar had it built in 13th or 14th century. The church with a rectangular nave, a three-sided presbytery and a bell tower that can be seen from far away was enlarged in 16th century. It is called Mary on the Lake by the locals. Murmuring of water can actually be heard from the abyss behind the altar. Slovenian, Italian and Friulian pilgrims visit the church every Easter Monday.

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