Belo, Nozno

If time permits, take a walk to Belo, a former typical Brda clustered village of which only two concrete memorial pillars remain. During World War I, the village was transformed into a hospital and was connected to the neighboring village of Nozno by a new road. Above Belo rises the hill of Pungart on which ruins of a tower with a rectangular ground plan can be found; it is a remnant of a fortified dwelling from early Middle Ages.

The village of Nozno with a Late Gothic church on a nearby hill is worth a visit. The presbytery and part of a church nave are Gothic, while the western part of the nave and a bell tower are built in the Late Baroque style. At this location probably stood a castle with towers already in the 14th century, owned by Gorizia feudal nobles of the Orson family.

GPS Belo
N: 46,0325
E: 13,529
GPS Nozno
N: 46,0374
E: 13,543


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