Gornje Cerovo is interesting in various aspects. It was mentioned already in 1205 when the castle of the lords of Cerovo stood just before the site of today's Church of St. Nicholas. The church we see today, with its Baroque pilasters, entablatures and an altar, was finalized in 1754. Both marble side altars were made according to the Venetian style. The circular path around the wall is also very interesting. In Dolnje Cerovo you can ask the locals about the origin of a thick chain around the Church of St. Leonard, a patron saint of prisoners and the detained, and you might hear several stories about it. They talk about a vow made by a farmer who transported wine with oxen, got stuck in mud with the cart somewhere along his way and had a chain with a year 1859 forged after safely returning home.


GPS Gornje Cerovo
N: 45,9825
E: 13,5642
GPS Dolnje Cerovo
N: 45,9766
E: 13,5524


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