In nearby Vipolže, a scattered village in lower Brda, you will certainly be enchanted by an old castle from 11th century and enormous cypresses of honorable age growing beside it. The castle used to be a representative villa and a hunting manor of the counts of Gorizia where horses were bred, while later on, it changed hands between members of Herberstein, della Torre, Attems Petzenstein and Teuffenbach families.

The building was rebuilt several times, in 17th century into a Renaissance villa in the Venetian style.In front of the castle there used to be a magnificent castle park with a Baroque fountain, several hundred years old cypresses and oaks. During World War I, the castle was used as a military hospital while in 1948 it was damaged in a large fire. It is one of the most beautiful examples of castle architecture in Slovenia built between Renaissance and Baroque. The castle is awaiting fundamental renovation, according to plans, there will be a seat of international center for graduate studies. In the so-called new castle which was built in 18th century in the Baroque style, there was a seat of a cooperative after World War II, while afterwards it was used as an apartment building. In Vipolže there is the only preserved water mill that still operated in 1990s and the village is also known for fossil numulitins that were found there.

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