Kozana is also a dispersed village with a good view. Situated between Šmartno and Vipolže, it is surrounded by numerous vineyards with sweet grapes and by orchards with various kinds of exceptionally tasty fruit. It is therefore no coincidence that Kozana women sold fruit in Austrian cities and resorts already before World War I, while men were supplying it to them by train daily from Gorizia. Local people are proud of St. Hieronymus Church with a bell tower reconstructed according to the plan by the famous architect Jože Plečnik. The upper part of the bell tower as it is today, shaped like a temple and separated from the church, was heightened according to Plečnik’s plan in 1956. The church is adorned by a Baroque altar and an altar painting from 1714. Only one bell was preserved after both world wars; so far, the bells have been replaced twice with larger and better ones.

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