Višnjevik is one of the few Brda villages without a church. In the Middle Ages it became famous for the lords of Višnjevik and for Rittersberg, the oldest castle in Brda. Remnants of this castle no longer exist.

In this scattered Brda village you will find out everything about the birth of rebula which was mentioned for the first time in written sources already in 1336. Namely, Henrik of Rittersberg purchased a vineyard where six buckets of rebula were produced every year. It is known that rebula from Višnjevik, Gradno and Krasno used to be of the best quality and therefore very much sought after by merchants. No wonder, then, that the Rebula lovers Society was established here and that every year in the middle of April they honor it with the Festival of Rebula and Olive Oil. Olives that almost disappeared from Brda decades ago also have their honorable place beside rebula.

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