Brdalicious - Flavors Of Love


Spring brings the first crops to our gardens and orchards - in April we are already harvesting medicinal wild and cultivated asparagus, and in May we are sweetening our hearts with the first cherries.

We have brought together the richness of the dishes of the most colourful season and the excellence of the chefs in Brda and Miren Karst in a unique culinary journey among ten local taverns and tourist farms.

On the menus of the participating restaurants in May and June, the cherry and the asparagus will dance a romantic dance of the original Flavours of Love.

During this period, you can indulge your taste buds with a short love show from the promotional menu for just 30 EUR. Meet our culinary virtuosos and indulge in their culinary masterpieces in the company of fine wines.  


Reservation: + 386 5 398 87 73,


Tuna tartare on salad mix and cherry cream
Shark steak with green asparagus and Dalmatian side dish

More info: Venko

BRDA: DOMAČIJA KABAJ MOREL, Šlovrenc 4, 5212 Dobrovo

Reservation: 05 395 95 60,


Marinated gamberries with cherry vinegar, cherry jelly, asparagus
Green asparagus barley, prosciutto, white asparagus cream, prosciutto sauce
Cherry sorbet, foam of homemade limoncello, Pet Nat Corvus

More info: Domačija Kabaj

BRDA: GOSTILNICA NA LEPEM RAZGLEDU, Gornje Cerovo 51, 5211 Kojsko

Reservation: 040 238 990,


Frtalia (omelette) with asparagus
Asparagus soup
Gnocchi with asparagus and sausage
Pork fillet with cherry sauce
Cherry strudel

More info: Gostilnica na lepem razgledu

BRDA: HIŠA ŠTEKAR, Snežatno 26a, 5211 Kojsko

Reservation: 041 335 320,


Soup with cherries
Asparagus with white polenta, parmesan sauce, pancetta, smoked cottage cheese
Gnocchi with cherries

More infoHiša Štekar

BRDA: KRUH IN VINO, Vipolže 29, 5212 Dobrovo

Reservation: + 386 5 620 12 89,


Our welcome from the kitchen: traditional horseradish spread and several types of homemade bread
Asparagus flan, egg and prosciutto
Homemade gnocchi with three asparagus spears: green, white and wild
Dessert: Cherry and chocolate flavoured ice cream

More info: Kruh in vino

BRDA: RESTAVRACIJA GREDIČ, Ceglo 9, 5212 Dobrovo

Reservation: +386 40 477 817,


Stag tartar with Brda cherry
Roulade of rooster with artichoke and local cheese, asparagus sauce, potatoes

More info: Gredič

BRDA: TURIZEM BREG, Breg pri Golem Brdu 3, 5212 Dobrovo

Reservation: 05 304 25 55,


Bruschetta with prosciutto and cherries
Asparagus minestrone with almonds, croutons, Parmesan cheese and homemade olive oil
Chicken fillet in cherry sauce, potatoes, strudel with cottage cheese and asparagus
Chocolate ice slices on cherry cream

More info: Turizem Breg

MIREN KRAS: GOSTILNA BRIC, Miren 120, 5291 Miren

Reservation: +386 53 954 420,


Cottage cheese dumplings with asparagus sauce and crispy prosciutto
Roast beef, white polenta, gorgonzola sauce, green asparagus, and cherries
Spring desert

More info: Gostilna Bric

MIREN KRAS: GOSTILNA MAKORIČ, Orehovlje 31, 5291 Miren

Reservation: +386 05 30 54 394,


Octopus, green asparagus, cherries, young salty cheese, and pistachios or House asparagus soup with wheat croutons
"Orzotto" with sausage, white and green asparagus, and maidenstears pesto or Violet potato gnocchi with seared prawns and green asparagus on Jerusalem artichoke cream and white asparagus
Venison "stratagliata" in cherry sauce on potato puree with asparagus or Trout rolls, green asparagus cream, fermented cherry sauce
Creme caramel with white asparagus, sweet cherry caviar, berries with elderflower syrup, and cherry coulis or Pistachio tiramisu with chocolate and cherries

More infoGostilna Makorič

MIREN KRAS: GOSTILNA ŠTIRNA, Opatje selo 42, 5291 Miren

Reservation: +386 41 844 672,


Fish menu:

Octopus in salad with green asparagus and cherries
Fish skewers with »hrustavka« cherry  and asparagus cream
Seasonal salad
Cherry pie with asparagus marmalade

Meat menu:

Asparagus wrapped in Karst pancetta baked in beer dough with spicy cherry sauce
Turkey roulade with cherries, asparagus cream
Seasonal salad
White mousse with asparagus and cherry marmalade

Več informacij: Gostilna Štirna


Reservation: +386 40 220 409 ali +386 31 580 233,


Asparagus spread on toasted bread
Gratinated asparagus with cheese and crispy pancetta, asparagus sauce, and toasted polenta
Grilled roast beef Grilled pork tenderloin Roasted baby potatoes with rosemary Grilled asparagus
Pannacotta with cherry sauce in a glass

More info: Izletniška domačija Mirko