Lavander products

 THE SCENT OF SUMMER – Growing lavender and natural products from lavender

The village of Valdrijan offers a beautiful view of the blue sea, Maria's holy mountain "Sveta gora", of the white Alps and the blue sky, as well as the calming view of the beautiful lavender. We have captured its scent in our products. We offer the moments of summer magic and the spirit of the Mediterranean throughout the year. Our farm grows lavender, cherries, vine and olives. We are currently pending the ecological certificate for olive and lavender production.

We grow our own plants and when they blossom, we distil them to acquire the essential oil of lavender and its hydrolate. We are the first farm that has created the Brda essence of lavender from the Goriška Brda region. We produce natural soaps from olive oil, enriched with the essential oil of lavender or rosemary, as well as natural products from lavender, rosemary and herbs that we grow on our farm (oil, hydrolate, salt baths, scented bags, teas etc.).

We wish to share this with you at our workshops, where the participants can feel the lavender and smell its magical scent, because workshops are implemented throughout the year. We organise different workshops. During the year, we produce natural lavender soap. The participants learn about the types, features and application of lavender in everyday life. They also learn about the effects of essential oil of lavender, rosemary and flower water (hydrolate). They learn about various macerates and their purposes, about the advantages of natural soap, and they learn how to make their own soap. The participants cooperate at the production of natural soap. They use lavender's stalks to make the soap holder. They also receive materials to make the soap themselves. It is also possible to view the lavender plantations.

Workshops, organised during the blossoming of lavender, enable participants to join the lavender harvest, the production of lavender garlands and bouquets as well as other decorative elements. Distillation procedure can also be viewed during harvest.

Participants can also purchase lavender products at the local "shop".

Feel nature's perfection in our produces "Scent of Summer" (Vonj poletja), produced on the Marinič farm in Vedrijan no. 9, also by actively participating at our workshops.

The ideal number of participants in a group is 10 to 12, the price per person is €20. We also arrange workshops upon prior agreement.


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