Olive oil and lavander products


Nature hides precious substances that we used for beauty and health purposes already by our ancestors. Old Egyptians noticed that workers in olive groves have healthier and more glowing skin. The use of positive features of olive oil for skin, hair, nails and muscle care has preserved until today, since olive oil is the basic ingredient of a quality cosmetic product. Olive oil has soothing, caring and softening effects on skin and additionally hydrates it, and gives shine and elasticity to hair. It contains at least four types of antioxidants that neutralise damaged free radicals that also cause cancer, therefore, it is recommended for daily skin care. Olive oil use is especially recommended for dry and inflamed skin care.

The basic ingredient of all NONA LUISA cosmetic products is cold pressed olive oil. All products are 100% natural and contain no artificial preservatives and colours. The NONA LUISA natural cosmetics trademark was created and is now being developed by Katjuša Reja Mozetič, who has a bahcelor's degree in ecology. She had many allergies to industrial cosmetic products, so she started learning about and exploring natural cosmetics. To find appropriate cosmetic products, she started studying the structure of cosmetic products. The more she studied individual ingredients, the more her dissatisfaction and distrust in the industrial cosmetics industry rose. Detailed studies during her pre- and post-graduate studies of ecology and the environment, where she specialised in toxicology, further dismayed her trust in cosmetic corporations. She began looking for solutions in nature.

By organising workshops, Katjuša wishes to present the natural cosmetics to individuals and enhance the awareness of people about the chemical load on the environment and the harmful effects of many chemicals that can be found in many cosmetic products. Participants find out many useful information about healthy lifestyle, the basic recipes for making natural cosmetics, while putting them into practice and providing information and instructions for those who wish to further explore their knowledge in this area.

Katjuša organises and mentors various workshops, and adapts them to individuals and groups. Workshops are held in Slovene, English and Italian. Occasionally (especially in cold months) she organises two types of workshops for individuals:

1. Creative and educational workshop: MAKING NATURAL SOAP FROM OLIVE OIL; duration: 2. to 3 hours, no. of participants: min. 10, max. 20, price €20/person.

Short description:  learning and recognising cosmetic products, theoretical description of soap production, practical production of soap from olive oil, material with sources.

2. Creative and educational workshop: MAKING NATURAL COSMETIC PRODUCTS IN THE KITCHEN; duration: 2. to 3 hours, no. of participants: min. 10, max. 20, price €20/person.

Short description:  learning and recognising cosmetic products, description of basic ingredients from the home kitchen which can be used in cosmetics, theoretical description of basic cosmetic products production (creams, balms, bathing balls), practical production of a facial cream and body milk from olive oil, material with sources.

3. Short individual workshops for groups: duration, content and price upon agreement; example of a workshop: description and presentation of the process of making natural oil from olive oil; duration: 1 hour, price per group for up to 10 persons: €100/group, more than 10 person: €10/person (max. 20 persons).

Find out more about Katjuša and her products on  www.nonaluisa.com, on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NaravnaMilaNonaLuisa or visit her at her workshop and sales premises in the Brda region, i.e. in the wonderful medieval village of Šmartno.

Šmartno 20,

5211 Kojsko

tel.: +386 (0)40 331 110    

e-mail: info@nonaluisa.com